Including machine/endian.h

Michael Franz mvfranz at
Wed Feb 4 17:37:03 PST 2009


I have been working on compiling the bsd-port repo on linux and ran into the
following issue.  fdlibm.h includes machine/endian.h, this does not work on
linux, there is no such file.  I removed the include and it works find on OS
X.  Based on the limited research I did, including machine/endian.h should
not be done.  sys/types.h should be used instead.

I have included the patch to remove the un-necessary include.  Can this
someone test this on the other BSDs?



--- a/src/share/native/java/lang/fdlibm/include/fdlibm.h    Tue Oct 28
20:35:48 2008 -0400
+++ b/src/share/native/java/lang/fdlibm/include/fdlibm.h    Wed Feb 04
20:32:35 2009 -0500
@@ -27,7 +27,6 @@
 #ifdef __OpenBSD__
 #include <sys/types.h>
-#include <machine/endian.h>
 #include "jfdlibm.h"
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