Openjdk6 test suite

Brian Gardner brian at
Thu Feb 5 14:38:04 PST 2009

I've been working on a patch for openjdk6.  Version 0.1.0 was not is a 
usable state after all, and I apologize if I wasted any ones time with 
this.  Nevertheless it gave me the feedback I needed regarding the 
process I used to develop it, to continue making forward progress.  
Instead of just copying file from bsd-port if they didn't exist in jdk7, 
I now reverse engineer the original process of porting from jdk7 to 
bsd-port, by taking the linux equivalents from jdk6 as a base, and apply 
the differences from the linux jdk7 version and the bsd-port version.  
This wasn't terribly easy and lots of hand patching was required.  The 
upside is patch 0.1.0 produced a build envirnment that was mix between 
jdk7 and jdk6 build, and was hard to debug as a result.  The next patch 
will simulate the jdk6 build process.  Version 0.2.0 should come early 

I was curious is there were any processes in place to perform 
compatibility testing on openjdk7.  As I move forward with my 
development I think this an important in building or own confidence 
level as well as the confidence of others.  I found source versions of 
the JCK, but nothings seems to be available to download.

I was also curious if anybody has setup an automated build process with 
all the supported BSD variations, to help me verify that my patch works 
on all BSD variations, and to help in producing quality usable patches 
in the future?

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