OpenJDK6 patch release 0.2.0

Brian Gardner brian at
Fri Feb 6 12:12:42 PST 2009

Here is the next version of the OpenJDK6 process.  I have downloaded and 
installed from scratch on FreeBSD 7.0 without problems, and have load 
tested without issues overnight.  Don't expect all patches to apply 
cleanly because many of the patches are taken by diffing files in the 
jdk7 and bsd-port repos.  This was my starting point and the 
custom_patches_0.2.0 contain patches created by hand that should apply 
cleanly resolving any rejections occurred by the earlier patches as well 
as compile and runtime issues I ran into.  Please forward any compiling 
issues to me so I can begin adding support for a wider audience.

*What's Planned next
**) Freebsd port to ease the installation of openjdk6 on FreeBSD.
*) Freebsd 7.1 and 6.4 binaries

*What's Planned for version 0.2.1
**) I'd like to have official support for Mac OS X at the very least.
*) I'm looking for people on every version of BSD to help bring support 
to your OS.

*What's Planned for version 0.3.0
**) verify compliance via JCK's TCK's (does anybody know anything about 
this, please contact me)
*) sanity checks after importing the patch, to
*) packages or install scripts that simplify the installation process 
for every OS
*) base the patch off of, 
or whatever the latest version from sun would be, versus mercurial 
*) implement pre-release screening process that will attempt to iron out 
any OS dependant issues before the patch is released.
Hopefully this process will cover:
   - perform a clean compile
   - perform compliance tests
   - perform load tests

*) I'm looking for either machine donations for a OpenBSD/NetBSD/Mac OS 
X, or for someone who want to own the process including supplying there 
own hardware.  Perhaps VMware would reduce the hardware costs, is that a 
viable solution though? 

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