How To Fix Your Local Forest

Kurt Miller kurt at
Thu Feb 12 06:29:14 PST 2009

Sun has cleared the corruption from the bsd-port forest. Yea! Thanks
Sun. :-)

People who have cloned the corrupted repository may need to perform
extra steps to clear their copy of the corruption. First test to
see if your forest is ok:

cd bsd-port/jdk
hg diff
cd ../hotspot
hg diff

If the hg diff commands complete without errors your repository is
ok and you can safely update the normal way (i.e. hg fpull, hg

However if the hg diff commands fail you will need to reclone the
hotspot and jdk trees:

cd bsd-port
mv hotspot hotspot.del
mv jdk jdk.del
hg clone
hg clone
rm -rf hotspot.del jdk.del

Then update the normal way with hg fpull, hg fupdate.


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