Ant Build Script For JAX-WS With Incorrect tools.jar location

Michael Franz mvfranz at
Mon Feb 16 21:23:44 PST 2009


I have noticed that the patch file patches/ecj/icedtea.patch patches the
compile arg line for the JAX-WS build.  It seems that this line (the
original as well as the patch) put the tools.jar in the incorrect location.
In all other build files the tools.jar file is in JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar .
For this one file it is put in JAVA_HOME/jre/ . For some reason
this does not matter for linux, but does when compiling the BSD port using
IcedTea7 on OS X.

The following line should be changed from
+        <compilerarg line="-bootclasspath


+        <compilerarg line="-bootclasspath

I guess this should also be fixed in OpenJDK.  What is the proper channel to
get this fixed at Sun?

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