errors compiling classFileParser.cpp on Mac OS X

Kurt Miller kurt at
Sat Feb 21 08:02:18 PST 2009

Stephen Bannasch wrote:
>> Building after an hg fpull and hg fupdate today fails while compiling
> I think the problem is an error in how I was updating my hg clone due 
> to my very limited knowledge of mercurial and forest.
> The build worked fine with a fresh clone and after applying Pierre 
> Queinnec patch for the iconv lib on MacOS X:
> In the older local hg clone I had done:
>    $ hg fpull
> And hg reported a problem that needed to be resolved with hg merge or 
> a pull with -C. I didn't pay close attention and used -C.

Hi Stephen,

The fpull conflicts were caused by an issue we had with the
repository that was fixed. For people who pulled a copy of
the repository with the corruption, re-cloning the bsd-port
jdk and hotspot trees is the easiest way to fix it.

Thanks for the reminder about the iconv issue. I fixed it
this morning. The additional patch should no longer be needed.


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