Building IcedTea7 Using BSD option On OS X

Michael Franz mvfranz at
Sun Jan 11 19:34:32 PST 2009


Two issues that I have found when trying to compile on a non-linux platfor
1. LINUX_DIR this is defined as linux-$(BUILD_ARCH_DIR).  When building
using the --with-project=bsd it needs to be bsd-$(BUILD_ARCH_DIR)
2. the assumption that shared libraries end in so.
cp openjdk-ecj/build/linux-i586/hotspot/import/jre/lib/i586/server/
On OS X the extension is dylib.

The OpenJDK build determines the correct values for this, but since IcedTea
is a wrapper  around the build process it does not know.  Would adding these
as configure options be the best way to handle this?

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