corba: Path corrections (utils & misc others)

Kurt Miller kurt at
Wed Jan 14 09:15:27 PST 2009

Hi Greg.

Greg Lewis wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 03:50:04PM -0500, Kurt Miller wrote:
>> The following diff cleans up paths for utils defined Def-utils.gmk
>> and sets other paths to be consistant with the jdk tree's version
>> of them.
>> Tested the same as the jdk version of the diff. i.e. Test builds
>> on OpenBSD and FreeBSD, by inspection on Apple.
>> - Sync Defs.gmk with jdk version by defining PACKAGE_PATH and moving
>>   the X11_PATH definition to before including platform definitions.
>> - Set DEVTOOLS_PATH to $(PACKAGE_PATH)/bin/ which is the correct
>>   location for tools that don't come preinstalled with the platform.
>> - Sync USRJDKINSTANCES_PATH to match the corresponding jdk value.
>> - Set up full paths to utils defined in Defs-utils.gmk
>>   for bsd with exceptions for OS_VENDOR differences.
> Looks good.  Same minor comments as per the jdk changes.
> Thanks for doing this!

Thanks for the reviews! :-)

Update diff attached.

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