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David Herron @ Sun David.Herron at Sun.COM
Tue Jan 20 07:54:58 PST 2009

Mark Reinhold wrote:
>> Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 04:14:38 +0000
>> From: Andrew John Hughes <gnu_andrew at>
>> ...
>> Sorry, I'm not trying to attack your methods here. It's simply my
>> impression that Sun may be against maintaining something in the main
>> tree they don't support, but you probably have a better idea of the
>> likelihood of it happening.
> In principle I think it's a fine idea for there to be ports in the main
> tree that aren't maintained by Sun -- as long as they're maintained by
> someone.
> - Mark
And (stating a somewhat obvious point) for 'maintained by someone' to 
include QA and bug triage/fixing.

It may be worthwhile to have a proper statement somewhere on regarding the process of ownership and maintenance of 
different subsections of the main tree.

- David

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