netbsd port ?

Renju Mathew m.renju at
Mon Jun 8 04:37:36 PDT 2009


Thanks for your support. 

I followed the steps given in
<> . 

I completed till "+ build:" successfully. When I gave 'gmake' inside
bsd-port it throws the 

following error : 



ERROR: You do not have access to valid JIBX library files. \n
Please check your access to \n
/NOT-SET/devtools/share/jibx/lib/jibx-run.jar \n       and/or check your

Exiting because of the above error(s). \n

gmake: *** [post-sanity] Error 1


Please help

Thanks and regards







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Thus wrote Renju Mathew (m.renju at


> I'm a newbie in openJDK. 


> I want to know whether there is any NetBSD 3.0 port of openJDK?


I built binaries for NetBSD 5.0 that are available via the openjdk-bin

package in pkgsrc, but not for earlier releases (although I probably

should build a NetBSD-4 version, since that's still an officially

supported release train).


I'd expect openjdk to just build on NetBSD-3, see


for a recipy. Once you scrub your environment(*) it's fairly

straightforward, it just takes a while to build.


The patch I needed for the openjdk version I put onto has

since been integrated, so that one isn't necessary any more; but as lots

new code has been added, too, there's chance of entirely new fun to be






(*) variables like eg $BIN get used as conditional, and the script that

sets them as a "yes" indicator doesn't unset them as a "no" indicator,

if you already had them set because you use them differently, you get

surprising results. If I had lots more time I'd want to hunt them all


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