netbsd port ?

Terje Sten Bjerkseth terje+bsd at
Mon Jun 8 05:14:19 PDT 2009

On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 1:37 PM, Renju Mathew <m.renju at> wrote:
> I followed the steps given in
> I completed till “+ build:” successfully. When I gave ‘gmake’ inside
> bsd-port it throws the
> following error :
> ERROR: You do not have access to valid JIBX library files. \n       Please
> check your access to \n
> /NOT-SET/devtools/share/jibx/lib/jibx-run.jar \n       and/or check your
> Exiting because of the above error(s). \n
> gmake: *** [post-sanity] Error 1

Per the README-builds.html file in the top directory, JIBX 1.1.5 has
recently been added to the dependencies. You need to get this from
and then set ALT_JIBX_LIBS_PATH accordingly.

Binging ALT_JIBX_LIBS_PATH bsd-port also gives some relevant pointers, btw.

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