BSD port build failure with soylatte1.0.3 as a bootstrap

Christian Thalinger Christian.Thalinger at Sun.COM
Tue Jun 16 04:29:47 PDT 2009

Andrei Dmitriev wrote:
> Hi folks,
> the problem still persists with soylatte as well as with 
> openjdk6-b16-24_apr_2009-r1.
> $sw_vers
> ProductName:    Mac OS X
> ProductVersion:    10.5.7
> BuildVersion:    9J61
> I feel that the javac of the newer version is required. How are you 
> building that guys, huh?! :)

This is very strange.  The compiler error is because of the JSR 292 
stuff that was commited to b59.  I have compiled myself the JDK with 
openjdk6-b16-24_apr_2009-r1 and it worked.  What environment variables 
have you set?

-- Christian

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