bsd-port b58 update

Kurt Miller kurt at
Wed May 20 12:31:35 PDT 2009

Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> 2009/5/20 Kurt Miller <kurt at>:
>> I completed updating bsd-port to b58 locally and will be pushing it up
>> to the repository soon. There are some things to be aware of with this
>> update. There are new nio classes and packages as well as sctp support
>> in jdk7 now. For more details see:
>> I did not integrate the new java.nio.sctp package. There is no SCTP
>> support in OpenBSD or FreeBSD 6.x (not sure about NetBSD or OS X). I
>> removed nio subdir from jdk/make/com/sun/Makefile so the java.nio.sctp
>> package package is completely skipped.
>> There is a new nio class:
>> java.nio.channels.spi.AsynchronousChannelProvider
>> I did not provide a BSD implementation since the Solaris, Linux or
>> Windows implementations all use features not present on BSD (/dev/poll,
>> epoll, and iocp). Attempting to use this class will result in an
>> "platform not recognized" exception until a BSD version is implemented
>> (preferably kqueue based).
>> There is a new nio package: java.nio.fs. I provided partial/incomplete
>> implementation for the BsdFileSystem and BsdFileStore classes. Basically
>> I implemented enough so that bsd-port can bootstrap itself on *BSD.
>> However, OS X needs an alternate implementation of
>> BsdFileSystem.getMountEntries() since OS X doesn't use /etc/fstab like
>> the BSD's do. Without an OS X getMountEntries() implementation bsd-port
>> can't be used to bootstrap itself on OS X, but it should still build.
>> The BSD's and OS X currently don't have openat, fstatat, unlinkat,
>> renameat, futimesat, fdopendir or getextmntent which are needed for
>> full java.nio.fs support. See:
>> jdk/src/solaris/native/sun/nio/fs/UnixNativeDispatcher.c
>> I wrote an alternate implementation for getextmntent() that works on
>> *BSD but not on OS X. We need alternate implementations for the rest.
>> Expect java.nio.fs classes to have problems until we have alternate
>> implementations for those functions.
>> In short, expect bsd-port to have some deficiencies until project
>> members or the community provide implementations for the missing
>> parts. If you have the interest and capability this is an excellent
>> time to contribute to bsd-port.
>> Regards,
>> -Kurt
> Good news! BTW, there is now a b59 with a few minor fixes, so probably
> worth pulling that in too.  There'll not be much until after JavaOne
> so now is a good time to play catch up ;)

Thanks. :-) b59 came out in the middle of this update so I held off.
b58 -> b59 should not be as much work as b50 -> b58 was (I hope!).


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