Eclipse on OpenJDK

David Green dgreen99 at
Wed May 20 14:46:43 PDT 2009

I'm working on getting Eclipse to run on the bsd port of OpenJDK out of the
box.  Currently I'm working on a couple of issues with Eclipse itself, one
of which has me a little puzzled and I'm thinking that someone here might be
able to shed some light.
The issue ( is related
to launching the VM using JNI.  I've patched the Eclipse launcher to load
the right libjvm.dylib using dlopen, however I'm getting the following error
as discussed in comment

Error occurred during initialization of VM

Unable to load native library:
Library not loaded: libjvm.dylib

  Referenced from:


  Reason: image not found

Is it possible to launch the VM using this method or should I be trying to
launch it using exec()?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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