OpenJDK 7 build fails on Snow Leopard

Christian Thalinger Christian.Thalinger at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 1 00:24:46 PDT 2009

John Rose wrote:
> Here's a patch which addresses the printf-format problem.  The root  
> cause appears to be that GCC 4.2 has gotten a little smarter about  
> handing out portability warnings. It objects to passing a "long int"  
> to a "%d".  The patch attempts to pacify the compiler by changing "%d"  
> to "%ld", on 32-bit systems only.
> With this patch, both normal 32-bit and LP64 versions build on Snow  
> Leopard, and the LP64 version runs my warm-and-breathing tests.
> But the 32-bit binary crashes in at least two different places, and  
> probably in lots.  Smells like a GCC bug; yuck.  Can someone clue me  
> how to install an earlier known-good GCC on Snow Leopard?

Isn't an ealier version of GCC shipped too?  Something like gcc-4.0?
Otherwise you can install different GCC versions with MacPorts.  I did
some tests some time ago and GCC 4.4 worked, GCC 4.3 compiled the code
but the VM asserted.

-- Christian

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