macports openjdk6 install

Henri Gomez henri.gomez at
Thu Dec 2 14:11:21 PST 2010

> OpenSCG has a good powerful 10.5 box (quad processor, 32 GB RAM, 15k
> rpm drives).  I could give u ssh access to it easily over the
> internet.  Email me offline if u r interested.

Thanks, using Hudson I could setup a slave agent on any machine via
ssh, we could use it to build OpenJDK on 10.5 also :)

> I was able to get the current openjdk6 b20 MacPorts built on 10.6 as
> the default (64 bits).  It fails when trying to build it as the
> default (32 bits) on 10.5.

Just to be sure, you could get an OpenJDK 6 64bits built on Snow works
on 10.5  but you couldn't build it on your 10.5 machine ?

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