OSX 64bit One Click Installer for OpenJDK6

Henri Gomez henri.gomez at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 23:41:49 PST 2010

> OpenSCG presently ships a DMG/PKG installer for OpenJDK6 Build 16 for more
> than a year.   This is using repackaged OSX binaries from Brandon's site.
>  We also ship .BIN's for Linux 32 & 64 and an EXE for Windoze.
> I compiled the present OpenJDK6 Build 20 on Macports and it now seems to
> have some Dynalib dependencies on other libs built via Macports.   My
> question is how to do an OSX build (like what seems to happen automagically
> on other platforms) that there are no dependencies on external libraries
> that are not part of the standard OS.

All patches should be studied but a first approach to avoid
dependencies on MacPorts binaries/libs is to rebuild OpenSCG on a
machine without MacPorts installed.

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