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Hey David. Long time, no hear. :)

Yeah, there are a few AWT classes I'm using for off screen rendering, so doing the headless toolkit makes sense.  So if I do that then I no longer have any dependencies on X11, right?

Has anyone here worked with JOGL? I know the latest beta releases have hooks for a new windowing toolkit so that we don't need AWT, but in my simple tests I wasn't able to make use of it.

- Josh

On Wed Feb 10, 2010, at 10:50 AM, David Herron wrote:

> A thought -- Use the AWT headless toolkit and that is supposed to turn off any on-screen GUI stuff.  But it would mean ensuring the 3D stuff you create would be done via other means than the AWT infrastructure.
> IIRC There are other things which will trigger AWT into action.  Using the headless toolkit will cause the system to instead throw exceptions that will tell you which methods are safe or not.  You can also inspect methods and classes to see which throw HeadlessException and which don't.
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> On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 9:43 AM, Joshua Marinacci <joshua at marinacci.org> wrote:
> Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone has tried the following, or has thoughts on how difficult it would be to implement.
> Would it be possible to run OpenJDK on Mac OSX outside of the X11 layer provided the app only opened a JOGL window rather than an AWT or Swing window?  Would just not opening a JFrame do it or are there other things hidden in the runtime which would trigger the AWT layer, and therefore require X11?
> My end goal is to write a 3D game that can have the JRE distributed with the app.
> Thanks,
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