using the sendfile system call on Darwin

Christos Zoulas christos at
Sun Feb 21 16:57:27 PST 2010

On Feb 21,  4:47pm, glewis at (Greg Lewis) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: using the sendfile system call on Darwin

| Sending it to the list for review (either directly or by putting up a URL
| people can see it at) is a good first step :).

That's a great idea.

| > > All of the BSDs have sendfile, its just limited to only sending the file to
| > > a stream socket rather than any file descriptor, which Solaris and Linux
| > > allow.  It's fairly easy to implement code that will do that though, so
| > > that's what was done rather than throwing errors when a non-socket file
| > > descriptor was used.

NetBSD is not BSD then because it does not have sendfile :-)

| > > If NIO in general interests you, then a project we really need someone to
| > > work on is porting NIO2 to BSD.  None of the BSDs have the epoll mechanism
| > > used on Linux or whatever Solaris uses (which I can't recall off the top of
| > > my head right now).  The suggestion is to use kqueue(2) on BSD.

That is a good idea.


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