Bootstrapping with Apple's JDK 6 on Snow Leopard

Michael Franz mvfranz at
Sun Mar 28 16:24:09 PDT 2010


I did some experimenting with this process.  I was able to build OpenJDK
using Apple's JDK and an older version of OpenJDK7.  The older version you
can get from here

The process that I followed is based on the same process you used.  Where it
is different is that I created a script to create a standard JDK layout
using Apple's JDK 1.6, applied small patches to langtools.  The older JDK is
used only to run GenStubs.  Where ever you install this JDK change the entry
I created in langtools/make/  ''.

Once this built, I used it to build the JDK again (I used two different
repos for this).  I built it a second time so that I was not running any of
my patches - as they are only needed to work around limitation in Apple's

Hope this works for you.


On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 11:52 PM, Michael Franz <mvfranz at> wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 5:34 PM, Kent R. Spillner <kspillner at>wrote:
>> Howdy-
>> Is anyone successfully building a 64-bit version of the latest source on
>> Snow Leopard with Apple's JDK 6?  I can build a 32-bit version using the
>> Soylatte v1.0.3 32-bit binaries, but I can't successfully build any version
>> of OpenJDK using Apple's JDK 6.
>> I tried following along with
>> success (see below).  After patching
>> to fully qualify both references to
>>, my langtools build fails during
>> the -def-genstubs Ant target because of an apparent API inconsistency
>> between Apple's and what OpenJDK expects.
>> Might it be possible to work around this problem by pruning the list of
>> jars on the bootclasspath when invoking Apple's javac, or prepending the
>> OpenJDK build output directory containing JCTree to the bootclasspath?  Are
>> there any Make variables I can use to explicitly override the bootclasspath?
> Here is a link to the portfile I put together for IcedTea 7 6 months ago.
>  If you look at the post extract there are commands that work around some of
> the issues you have encountered.  This was for JDK 5, but will probably be
> similar for JDK 6.
> .
> I have not looked at this in probably 5 months as I have had limited free
> time.
> Michael
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