OpenJDK 1.7.0 crash on OS X caused by Compojure app

Stephen Bannasch stephen.bannasch at
Wed Apr 13 18:55:28 PDT 2011

At 10:22 PM +0100 4/13/11, Ben Evans wrote:
>I have a Hello World app in Compojure / Ring which starts up fine, but if left running for a while (e.g. overnight) eventually segfaults:
># A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:


>The VM is Stephen's build from 2011-01-31:

Most of my builds are of the mlvm version of OpenJDK including the one from 2011_01_31:

  62M Jun 16  2010 java-1.7.0-internal-2010_06_16.tar.gz
  63M Jul 16  2010 java-1.7.0-internal-2010_07_16.tar.gz
  63M Jul 26  2010 java-1.7.0-internal-2010_07_26.tar.gz
  63M Jul 30  2010 java-1.7.0-internal-2010_07_30.tar.gz
  59M Aug 18  2010 java-1.7.0-internal-mlvm-2010_08_18.tar.gz
  59M Sep  2  2010 java-1.7.0-internal-mlvm-2010_09_02.tar.gz
  59M Sep  6  2010 java-1.7.0-internal-mlvm-2010_09_06.tar.gz
  59M Sep 27  2010 java-1.7.0-internal-mlvm-2010_09_25.tar.gz
  59M Nov 18 22:27 java-1.7.0-internal-mlvm-2010_11_18.tar.gz
  60M Dec 22 19:28 java-1.7.0-internal-mlvm-2010_12_22.tar.gz
  60M Dec 24 00:12 java-1.7.0-internal-mlvm-2010_12_23.tar.gz
  60M Jan 11 22:24 java-1.7.0-internal-mlvm-2011_01_11.tar.gz
  60M Feb  1 01:15 java-1.7.0-internal-mlvm-2011_01_31.tar.gz
  60M Feb  7 16:09 java-1.7.0-internal-mlvm-2011_02_07.tar.gz
  60M Feb 23 14:53 java-1.7.0-internal-mlvm-2011_02_23.tar.gz
  60M Feb 25 01:07 java-1.7.0-internal-mlvm-2011_02_24.tar.gz
  56M Apr  4 20:50 java-1.7.0-internal-mlvm-2011_04_04.tar.gz

I also build the plain bsd-port but I haven't been uploading it since Jul 2010.

>    ... 13 more
>Are these type of problem reports useful to the group?

If you are working with the MLVM build then you should see if the problem happens with my most recent build and if it does report the details on the mlvm list:

Alternatively you could build the latest bsd-port and see if the same problem occurs.

One final option is to use one of Henri Gomez's macosx-port builds the packages as disk images and makes available here: -- the macosx-port build follows the bsd-port build quite closely.

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