OpenJDK 6 or 7 PowerPC build on OS X Leopard

MiB digital.discuss at
Mon Dec 12 13:18:32 PST 2011

11 dec 2011 20.28 MiB wrote:

> 11 dec 2011 19.05 Konstantin Tokarev SAID:
>> You can find working builds of OpenJDK 7 for Mac/PPC is here:
> Yes, the latest I tried of these, openjdk7-macppc-fcs-fd- 
> atomic-2011-09-12 does not work at all with Roo 1.2. See crash log:
> It works however with Roo version 1.1.5 and as late as with Roo1.2m1  
> (which is more or less the latest jdk1.5 compatible version).  I'm  
> not sure what the differences are really except that Roo versions  
> around 1.2RC1 has jdk1.6 as minimum and 1.1.5 up to 1.2M1 have jdk  
> 1.5 as a minimum. Which is why I now need openjdk or later for it  
> now when Apples ppc jdk doesn't work anymore
As the provided binary Spring Roo 1.2RC1 basically didn't run at all  
on openjdk7-macppc-fcs-fd-atomic-2011-09-12, I decided it was worth  
compiling the Git source of Spring Roo under this openjdk7 instead. It  
went quite well producing a runnable version of Spring Roo after I  
hacked around a problem. Unfortunately this problem with what I  
believe to be a crash when using the String class occured. At least  
the test for one important Spring Roo class crashes in String when  
attempting to turn a String buffer with the chars in  
"[DefaultMetadataService at 1b6d56]" to a String with the toString  
method. I will post the details later for the code that causes the  

The generated VM error message says: "fatal error: caught unhandled  
signal 10 at address 0x8". Complete VM error log at < 

Any ideas?

Konstantin, is your source for this openjdk7 version available in some  
form? It would be interesting to make a version on my machine. Can I  
help in some way to find out if this compile problem is because of  
openjdk or something else?

I must say the results are promising at least. you have done a very  
good job with this version. Thank you!


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