hg: bsd-port/bsd-port/jdk: . Add the missing define and endef lines for binary_file_verification on

Stephen Bannasch stephen.bannasch at deanbrook.org
Fri Mar 11 08:03:40 PST 2011

At 7:56 AM -0800 3/11/11, Greg Lewis wrote:
>On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 10:22:00AM -0500, Stephen Bannasch wrote:
>> At 3:23 PM +0100 3/11/11, Henri Gomez wrote:
>> >Could you try with OpenJDK 6 from MacPorts ?
>> I'm not sure how easy that would be.
>> I use http://mxcl.github.com/homebrew/ instead of MacPorts and homebrew doesn't have a recipe for openjdk6.
>> I'll need to look to see if installing macports would interfere with the homebrew installation.
>I'm using openjdk6 from MacPorts and see the same failures.
>Interestingly, I don't think the problem is libjvm.dylib.  If I copy
>the "working" version over the top of the j2sdk-image version I still
>see the same failure.

I also tried copying all the dylibs into j2sdk-image and that didn't work either.

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