bsd-port still in b147

Henri Gomez henri.gomez at
Wed Nov 23 07:36:28 PST 2011

2011/11/23 Dalibor Topic <dalibor.topic at>:
> On 11/3/11 4:01 AM, Greg Lewis wrote:
>>> The numerous jdk7ux trees seem to continue but with new versioning (jdk7u2-b10 at present):
>> Buth these are not GPL'ed correct?
> They are. JDK 7 Updates are now done in OpenJDK in the JDK 7 Updates Project, as Oracle JDK 7
> is based on OpenJDK 7. See the Q&A at for
> more details, or feel free to ask on jdk7u-dev!

What about adding bsd in mainstream ?

It will help providing OpenJDK 7 (u2/u4) and OpenJDK 8 for OSX for example.

For now, I can build bsd-port and macosx-port of OpenJDK 7 and OpenJDK
8 with MLVM (with bsd patches), but can build u2/u4 or OpenJDK 8 Lamba
for OSX since bsd support (minimal for OS/X) is lacking from there ;(

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