bsd-port still in b147

Henri Gomez henri.gomez at
Wed Nov 30 07:27:16 PST 2011

> As I said over on the macosx-port-dev list [0], I think it would better to get the Mac OS X port
> into jdk7u first, and then once that's all working like a charm, for the BSD porters to integrate
> the changes back, and start looking at what (else) would need to be done to get the BSD port on one
> of the different *BSDs to pass the TCK. So I would expect the BSD port to quite happily continue for
> a while on its own while the Mac OS X port gets pulled into jdk7u forests.

Of course, better stock OSX for OSX packages.

Let's wait 2012 (u4 roadmap). :)

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