Issue running java GUI applications on Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Using OpenJDK7 bsd-port compiled against platform)

Justin Wilson justinleewilson at
Sun Apr 22 13:53:31 PDT 2012


II have a list of Java applications which I'm used to using on my
standard Linux desktop however I've recently purchased a PowerMac G4
and have managed to compile OpenJDK7 against the platform (using
bsd-port). Great... however no GUI apps run correctly. I start of by
getting a HeadlessException and after a bit of reading I've added the
Djava.awt.false=false property when running the JVM.

Now applications boot into a GUI correctly and I can browse through
the menu items etc, however the one thing which doesn't work is
keyboard input (most likely as a result of the headless switch I
imagine). When I try to type no text appears and instead the output is
either directed at the console or does not appear at all.

Could somebody please help me understand what is happening and perhaps
suggest any way of avoiding this issue? I'm not afraid to get my hands
dirty in the code if it comes to that but I'd appreciate a starting

Kind Regards,


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