Ask for tutorials about how to port OpenJDK to a new architecture/operating system

Mario Torre neugens.limasoftware at
Sat Dec 8 04:50:01 PST 2012

There is a list more or less long of things to do to port OpenJDK, and
this depends at least on the following main points:

* Processor architecture
* Operating System
* Graphics backend

The first bullet regards mainly Hotspot, and is the most complex
aspect of the port, although it could be somehow simplified if you can
use Shark and Zero. The Operating System bullet regards mostly the
native layer (but also some part of the VM). OpenJDK doesn't really
have yet a clean native layer separation, but if your OS is a POSIX
one (you say is similar to Solaris, so this should be the case) you
probably won't have to do much here (but I'm quite sure you will have
some corner cases you will need to fix in some areas, for example -
but not necessarily - the network layer).

Finally, unless you use X11, you will probably need to port the
graphics stack as well. You can use the Caciocavallo project to easy
this task.

It can be lots of work or just a matter of recompile and debug/fix
selected issues, depending on how much you can reuse from the original
code, but I would say that it will require you quite a few man months
of work to get it done, especially if you plan to have a fully
compliant implementation.


2012/12/8 frank wong <aos.ppi.fudan at>:
> I have a new kind of architecture with Solaris, I want to port OpenJdk to
> this platform. So I wonder if there is any tutorial to teach me how to port
> OpenJdk to a new platform. (Maybe can tell me which part of OpenJDK need to
> be modified?)
> Thanks

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