Pushing changes for Update 2

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Sat Mar 17 12:09:47 PDT 2012

15.03.2012, 04:25, "Kurt Miller" <kurt at intricatesoftware.com>:
> On 3/14/12 5:53 AM, Konstantin Tokarev wrote:
>>  14.03.2012, 05:38, "Kurt Miller"<kurt at intricatesoftware.com>:
>>>  The u4 merging looks perfect so far. I did a test build on OpenBSD x86 and used the result to build bsd-port again. I won't be able to test amd64 for several weeks because my lab machines are packed up for a renovation. Thanks again for the update.
>>  Do you have an opportunity to provide a fresh build for Mac/PPC?
> Sure. You can download it from here:
> http://www.intricatesoftware.com/OpenJDK/macppc/openjdk7u2-macppc-fcs-2012-03-14.tar.bz2

Thank you very much!

Seems to work for me, but requires -Djava.awt.headless= to run GUI applications as previous builds.


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