compile error on mac ppc box

Christophe Phi ChrisPhi at
Mon Apr 1 07:40:53 PDT 2013

(Sorry for the delayed response.. see below)

On 2013-Apr-1, at 8:40 AM, Tony Piselli wrote:

> Hi Kurt,
> I'm willing to put some time and effort into this. Would you mind  
> pointing me in the best direction in order to get this going again?
> Thanks,
> Tony
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> On Mar 29, 2013, at 9:10 AM, Kurt Miller  
> <kurt at> wrote:
>> Hi Tony,
>> On 03/26/13 12:03, Tony Piselli wrote:
>>> Chris,
>>> Sorry for my ignorance with this as it's the first time I've tried  
>>> to do
>>> an OpenJDK build. I basically followed the directions from the  
>>> following
>>> Wiki page:
>>> which calls for the following to pull down the code:
>>> |hg clone http:||//|
>>> I hope this is what you were looking for. Please let me knowif you  
>>> need
>>> any more information.
>>> Thanks,
>> A while back I was working on this in bsd-port. In the end it worked
>> ok on single processor systems, but I couldn't stabilize it on SMP
>> systems. Since then I haven't had time to keep up with bsd-port zero
>> ppc testing and builds.
>> -Kurt
>>> On Mar 26, 2013, at 11:40 AM, "Chris Phillips @ T O"
>>> <ChrisPhi at LGonQn.Org> wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> On 26/03/13 11:00 AM, Andrew Hughes wrote:
>>>>> 'get_ek_adapter_opt_swap_rot_info' is not a member of  
>>>>> 'MethodHandles'
>>>> This looks like old code that shouldn't be there ... what version  
>>>> of
>>>> (and what repo) is this built from (That code was for the pre- 
>>>> Richochet
>>>> version)? (If its an old repo you may need TARGET_ARCH_NYI_693986  
>>>> set ).
>>>> Chris

I think Kurt provided an early jdk7 binary for ppc...  the follow ing  
url has some good ptrs:

NB  The old zero (pre -hsx24) was not tracking the jsr292 Ricochet  
frames stuff very well,
and they (Ricochet frames are gone after hsx24 (b31?) and also in jdk  
8. jdk8 has the best Zero/Shark
implementation at the moment (thanks Roman!)  jdk8 might work best as  
it has macosx stuff too
(although its more recent osx  ?  I am not an osx guru so  ymmv ).

When I get "some time"tm  I intend to  try to build jdk7 on ppc .  
(Both Linux
and Mac OSX 10.5 but the latter is  tricky.)
I would probably use the current jdk7u Zero with  the patch that  
Volker Simonis
provided after that I would try to build  Volkers aix-ppc jvm. Again,  
no idea of
osx gotcha's for these, built Volkers aix-ppc on linux and it would  
build itself
last year, but haven't kept up since then.

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