Hi - is there a group of people working on OpenJDK 8 for OpenBSD?

Kurt Miller kurt at intricatesoftware.com
Tue Apr 28 01:43:39 UTC 2015

On Mon, 2015-04-27 at 20:39 -0400, Bryan C. Everly wrote:
> Kurt,
> Looks like you can't run 'bash ./configure' without ALSA (which
> doesn't exist on OpenBSD) and you can't turn it off with
> --without-alsa (there is an explicit check for this that tells you it
> is required).
> Am I missing something obvious?

Hi Bryan,

Nope. I just hit the same thing trying to catch up to you. OpenBSD
doesn't have alsa, instead it has its own sound subsystem called
sndio. An OpenBSD developer wrote sndio support for the jdk, but
he never signed the OCA so I wasn't able to commit his work here.
Instead I have it as a patch in the ports tree in OpenBSD:


This doesn't help us with the configure issue though since it wasn't
required for OpenJDK 7.

We're going to need to disable the hard requirement for alsa in a way
that is OpenBSD only. We're likely to hit someplace in the
bsd-port/jdk8/jdk/ portion of the build where it fails to build sound
support due to alsa missing. Then we'll need to figure out how to
disable it for OpenBSD only again there.


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