iconv include/link paths

Christos Zoulas christos at zoulas.com
Wed May 6 17:56:35 UTC 2015

On May 6, 12:35pm, kurt at intricatesoftware.com (Kurt Miller) wrote:
-- Subject: iconv include/link paths

| Hi Greg, Christos,
| On OpenBSD libiconv is a port/package and installs under
| PACKAGE_PATH. Isn't that the case for FreeBSD and NetBSD too?
| Does the following diff help or at least not hurt FreeBSD and
| NetBSD builds? If there's an issue, I'll restrict the changes
| to OpenBSD only.
| Thanks,
| -Kurt
| +    LDFLAGS_bsd := -L$(PACKAGE_PATH)/lib -liconv, \

Don't you need -Wl,-R or -R too? I think NetBSD needs it...


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