Moving forward on jdk9

Christos Zoulas christos at
Sun Oct 1 22:01:05 UTC 2017

On Oct 1,  2:29pm, glewis at (Greg Lewis) wrote:
-- Subject: Moving forward on jdk9

| Hi all,
| At the moment our repository is stuck around build 120, with the initial
| JDK release being from build 181.  We got stuck there due to some merge
| conflicts, and I'm not sure it is very useful to try and work around them
| given the changes there has been in the tree since then.
| I'd like to propose the following:
| 1. Move the current state of the repo onto a branch to propose the early port that was done.  All of that work will continue to be available.
| 2. Merge with and reset the tip of the repo to match the JDK 9 release build.
| 3. Merge back changes from the branch and incorporate additional changes as necessary to get a working JDK9 on *BSD.
| Comments?

That sounds sensible...


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