Build 24 promotion and the Mercurial Transition Status

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Sun Dec 2 22:44:28 UTC 2007

Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> Build 24 and the Mercurial Transition Status:
>   * We are finishing up our Mercurial dryrun this week.
>     In the next few days, all the repositories at 
>     will be re-initialized, making them unrelated to the previous 
> experimental ones.
>     They will contain the official starting sources, which will be the 
> same sources
>     we started the dryrun with, and the same as Build 23, so don't be 
> expecting
>     to see developer changes, yet.
>   * Once we have the official jdk7 repositories, we will creating 
> potential Build 24
>     bits (probably on Mon or Tues), and our release engineering team 
> will have these
>     bits go through some very basic testing before we officially 
> promote them and
>     declare Build 24 done. The release engineering team will be 
> creating some
>     mercurial tags and pushing them into the master jdk7 repositories 
> to label
>     Build 24 when the promotion happens, hopefully Tues or Wed next week.
>   * Internally, we'll need a few days after that to get ourselves 
> re-setup for
>     developers to start doing pushes into their team repositories for 
> Build 25.
>     Since all these team areas are available at 
>     everyone should start seeing the jdk7 development 'live', as it 
> happens.
>   * It's not clear when the first team integration into the master 
> jdk7 area for
>     Build 25 will happen. We are still trying to nail down some of our 
> detailed
>     procedures on how team integrations will work, and we'll probably 
> adjust them
>     over time.
> -kto

Thank you very much for your hard work (and the team's!) on making the
transition happen. I'm looking forward to the commit, patch & review flood!

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