JDK 7 build 24 is available at the openjdk.java.net website

Andreas Sterbenz Andreas.Sterbenz at Sun.COM
Thu Dec 20 21:44:33 UTC 2007

Arnd-Hendrik Mathias wrote:
> I recognized one other thing that prevents me from building completely: 
> The "build" target of the /jdk7-jdk7-b24/jdk/make/javax/crypto/Makefile 
> is empty which means that all directories/classes to be included in the 
> /tmp/sun/javax.crypto/unsigned/jce.jar are removed by the prebuild 
> target but not rebuilt subsequently.
> Is there a special trick, how to build the 
> tmp/sun/javax.crypto/classes/javax/crypto, 
> tmp/sun/javax.crypto/classes/sun/security/internal/interfaces and 
> tmp/sun/javax.crypto/classes/sun/security/internal/spec?

There is some trickery going on in that Makefile. The classes are compiled 
with a destination directory of build/$platform-$arch/tmp/sun/ instead of 
the normal location build/$platform-$arch/sun/ and the latter directory is 
removed. That works for me.

Could you elaborate a little on what you are doing? Which sources are you 
building? OpenJDK b24? IcedTea, or something else?

Which directory are you calling make from? jdk7/jdk/make? jdk7?

What is the command you are running? "make"? "make all"?


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