Error compiling dtrace.d on Solaris Nevada b78

David Kopp davidkopp at
Sat Dec 29 02:15:07 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I am trying to compile the first Mercurial source drop on an Ultra 20 
(x64). I got gmake sanity to pass. However, when I run gmake, I 
eventually end up with the following:

gmake[5]: Entering directory 
Compiling dtrace.d
/usr/sbin/dtrace  -C -I. -G -o dtrace.o -s dtrace.d \
     ciEnv.o classLoadingService.o compileBroker.o hashtable.o java.o 
jni.o memoryManager.o nmethod.o objectMonitor_solaris.o runtimeService.o 
sharedRuntime.o synchronizer.o thread.o vmPSOperations.o 
vmCMSOperations.o vmGCOperations.o  ||\
        if [ x"$STATUS" = x"1" -a \
       x`uname -r` = x"5.10" -a \
       x`uname -p` = x"sparc" ]; then\
    echo "* If you are building server compiler, and the error message 
is ";\
    echo "* \"incorrect ELF machine type...\", you have run into solaris 
bug ";\
    echo "* 6213962, \"dtrace -G doesn't work on sparcv8+ object files\".";\
    echo "* Either patch/upgrade your system (>= S10u1_15), or set the ";\
    echo "* environment variable HOTSPOT_DISABLE_DTRACE_PROBES to 
disable ";\
    echo "* dtrace probes for this build.";\
  exit $STATUS
dtrace: failed to link script dtrace.d: an error was encountered while 
processing vmGCOperations.o

I  can continue past this if I set HOTSPOT_DISABLE_DTRACE_PROBES=true, 
but then the VM won't link.

Does anyone have any idea as to what might be wrong with vmGCOperations.o?



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