Setting BUILD_NUMBER for ccache to be effective

Petteri Räty betelgeuse at
Sat Jun 9 07:24:21 UTC 2007

Kelly O'Hair kirjoitti:
> Good catch on the ccache issue.
> But if you set the build number, the full version information will not tell
> you when the private openjdk was built (via java -version).
> Sometimes that is really handy to know.
> I assume the issue is the macro FULL_VERSION being defined on all the
> compile
> lines, right? I think I would rather just fix the makefiles.
> Maybe only define FULL_VERSION on the compiles of the files that need it?
> It might only be one or two files that need this macro defined.

Yes. All the files which have FULL_VERSION defined don't make use of
ccache. Could you do unified diffs (diff -u) in the future please. I did
take a look at where FULL_VERSION is used in files and it was only a
couple so your approach should work quite well too.

For now I switched to the following output for Gentoo:
openjdk version "1.7.0-experimental"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0-experimental-gentoo-b13)
OpenJDK Tiered VM (build 1.7.0-experimental-gentoo-b13, mixed mode)

I think experimental is more fitting than internal. Maybe we should add
some info about the ebuild revision to the end too.


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