build failure - IDL files?

Kelly O'Hair Kelly.Ohair at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 1 16:20:31 UTC 2007

Thanks for the verification.

The corba make directory and makefiles are kind of a poor copy of the ones in the
jdk/j2se directory, we did this as just a temporary thing. And I messed this up.

The corba repository will be going through some transformations in the future,
hopefully making it 100% pure java, perhaps built with an ant script like the
jaxp/jaxws ones (ones that utilize a langtools compiler if provided).
So most of the makefiles will probably go away at some point, and all dependence
on a native C/C++ compiler etc. will go away.

I'll file a bug for this corba bug and get it fixed.


Nicholas Riley wrote:
> On Oct 31, 2007, at 7:14 PM, Kelly O'Hair wrote:
>> There may be a bug in the corba Makefiles.
>> I think the file corba/make/common/shared/Defs.gmk is missing the lines
>> else
>> endif
>> But I haven't verified that 100% yet. I suspect the control Makefiles are
>> sending in ALT_LANGTOOLS_DIST, and the corba Makefiles may have expected
>> I need to head home now, but if anyone can verify the above I'll get a 
>> bug
>> files and we can fix this in Build 24.
> That worked, and the build completed finally!  It makes sense given the 
> include order:
> corba/make/javax/xa/Makefile              :include 
> $(BUILDDIR)/common/Defs.gmk
>   corba/make/common/Defs.gmk          :include 
> $(BUILDDIR)/common/shared/Platform.gmk
>   corba/make/common/Defs.gmk          :include 
> $(TOPDIR)/make/common/CancelImplicits.gmk
>   corba/make/common/Defs.gmk          :include 
> $(TOPDIR)/make/common/Defs-$(PLATFORM).gmk
>     corba/make/common/Defs-linux.gmk      :include 
> $(BUILDDIR)/common/shared/Defs.gmk
>       corba/make/common/shared/Defs.gmk      :include 
> $(BUILDDIR)/common/shared/Defs-utils.gmk
>       corba/make/common/shared/Defs.gmk      :include 
> $(BUILDDIR)/common/shared/Defs-$(PLATFORM).gmk
>     (I inserted the LANGTOOLS_DIST definition here)
>       corba/make/common/shared/Defs.gmk      :include 
> $(BUILDDIR)/common/shared/Compiler.gmk
>   corba/make/common/Defs.gmk          :include 
> $(BUILDDIR)/common/shared/Defs-java.gmk
>     corba/make/common/shared/Defs-java.gmk:  JAVAC_JAR   = 
> $(LANGTOOLS_DIST)/bootstrap/lib/javac.jar

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