Upcoming OpenJDK infrastructure projects

Dan Fabulich dan at fabulich.com
Wed Nov 7 05:32:30 UTC 2007

I'm not sure if this request is in-scope for "OpenJDK infrastructure 
projects", but I'd like to pipe up in favor of simplifying the 
Windows build experience.


1) Update the build to work with Visual C++ 2005 Express, the free 
(no-charge) version of the Visual Studio C++ compiler.

The fix isn't too hard, but it requires a bit of figuring: 

2) Provide support for building under MSYS make/shell, perhaps instead of 

Cygwin make doesn't handle paths of the form "c:/code/openjdk" and has 
stated that they intend not to; they recommend using the MinGW MSYS make 
instead of Cygwin make for these purposes.


The Mozilla project updated their Cygwin-only build to work under MSYS, 
and now offer a convenient installer to set the whole thing up. 
Something like that for OpenJDK would be fantastic, though it's just a 
dream at this point.  :-)


(Note that I DON'T mean that we should support building with MinGW gcc; 
that'd be cool, but IMO it's not necessary to build Windows software using 
a Free-as-in-speech compiler; using a free-as-in-beer compiler is fine for 
non-free platforms.)

I'd hoped to begin work on these myself at some point, though I'm pretty 
busy yet. :-(


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