Group forests created

Mark Reinhold mr at
Wed Nov 7 18:58:38 UTC 2007

I've created and loaded a set of experimental group integration forests
on  These are the forests to which individual
developers will push their changes.  Group integrators are responsible
for periodically syncing with the master forest and pushing changes up
to the master after suitable testing.

At the moment the content of these forests is identical to jdk7/MASTER,
but that will change as we do some dry-run integrations over the next
week or so.

Notifications for all of these forests go to this list for now (I can
easily change that if people have objections).  We'll redirect them to
the appropriate Group lists once we complete the Mercurial cutover.

One thing that's abundantly clear is that I need to hack on hgwebdir.cgi
some more so that it understands Projects and forests.  The index page
on takes too long to load and is too hard to

- Mark

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