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Frederic Simon freds at
Wed Nov 7 19:05:43 UTC 2007

Without hacking hgwebdir.cgi, you can eneter multiple ScriptAlias in apache
conf that will point to different hgweb.config files (and each has a
different set of repo path).

My 2cts on this.

On 11/7/07, Mark Reinhold <mr at> wrote:
> I've created and loaded a set of experimental group integration forests
> on  These are the forests to which individual
> developers will push their changes.  Group integrators are responsible
> for periodically syncing with the master forest and pushing changes up
> to the master after suitable testing.
> At the moment the content of these forests is identical to jdk7/MASTER,
> but that will change as we do some dry-run integrations over the next
> week or so.
> Notifications for all of these forests go to this list for now (I can
> easily change that if people have objections).  We'll redirect them to
> the appropriate Group lists once we complete the Mercurial cutover.
> One thing that's abundantly clear is that I need to hack on hgwebdir.cgi
> some more so that it understands Projects and forests.  The index page
> on takes too long to load and is too hard to
> navigate.
> - Mark

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