webrevs of forests with arbitrary "parents"

Brad Wetmore Bradford.Wetmore at Sun.COM
Sat Nov 10 05:31:32 UTC 2007

Hi Jessie,

It's possible this has been rehashed before, I've read so much email
over the last week...My brain is full, can I go home now?

In my role as gatekeeper, I create build/test/integration dirs using the
following layout:

     jsn       tl
      \        /
       \      /
        \    /

% hg fclone http://.../jsn
% hg fpull http://.../jsn
% hg fpull http://.../tl
% hg cd int
% hg fupdate

After I build/test, I push to jsn (aka rebase), then push to tl
(integration).  I want to capture what's going into each gate with
webrev.  I would have thought my commands would be something like:

% webrev -f -p http://.../jsn   # what's going from tl to jsn
% webrev -f -p http://.../tl    # what's going from jsn to tl


% webrev -f -p http://.../tl
SCM detected: mercurial
SORRY: When using the -p otion, you need to specify a revision.
This is done with the -r option.


% webrev -f -r tip -p http://.../tl
The -r <rev> flag is incompatible with the use of forests

Surely there's a way to do this.

Also, is "tip" the right changeset id to use?  There are some changesets
from tl in my int area which should be going back to jsn.  It's not
reporting them.  Suppose I skip "-f"...

% pwd
% webrev -r tip -p http://closedjdk.sfbay/jdk7/jsn/jdk/make/closed
    SCM detected: mercurial
       Workspace: /ws/nightlies1/ws/jdk/make/closed
Compare against:
Compare against version: tip
       Output to: /ws/nightlies1/ws/jdk/make/closed/webrev
    Output Files:
      index.html: Done.

The should have been 2 files updated.



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