Build 24 promotion and the Mercurial Transition Status

Kelly O'Hair Kelly.Ohair at Sun.COM
Fri Nov 30 19:11:46 UTC 2007

Build 24 and the Mercurial Transition Status:

   * We are finishing up our Mercurial dryrun this week.
     In the next few days, all the repositories at
     will be re-initialized, making them unrelated to the previous experimental ones.
     They will contain the official starting sources, which will be the same sources
     we started the dryrun with, and the same as Build 23, so don't be expecting
     to see developer changes, yet.

   * Once we have the official jdk7 repositories, we will creating potential Build 24
     bits (probably on Mon or Tues), and our release engineering team will have these
     bits go through some very basic testing before we officially promote them and
     declare Build 24 done. The release engineering team will be creating some
     mercurial tags and pushing them into the master jdk7 repositories to label
     Build 24 when the promotion happens, hopefully Tues or Wed next week.

   * Internally, we'll need a few days after that to get ourselves re-setup for
     developers to start doing pushes into their team repositories for Build 25.
     Since all these team areas are available at,
     everyone should start seeing the jdk7 development 'live', as it happens.

   * It's not clear when the first team integration into the master jdk7 area for
     Build 25 will happen. We are still trying to nail down some of our detailed
     procedures on how team integrations will work, and we'll probably adjust them
     over time.


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