Fwd: j2se/win32/cygwin builds - make-3.81 -> make-3.80 downgrade

Sven Gothel Sven.Gothel at Sun.COM
Wed Sep 12 03:20:20 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Kelly mentioned, I may want to send you this info.

Cheers, Sven


On Tuesday 11 September 2007 at 20:52, Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> It's mentioned in the GNU Make section:
> https://openjdk.dev.java.net/source/browse/*checkout*/openjdk/jdk/trunk/README-builds.html?rev=245#gmake

awesome - thanks.

Well, I guess this will not be the first time I fall into well known pits ;-)

You may want to elaborate the 'WARNING' message in your readme,
or may be add URL for make-3.80-1. 
As you wish.



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Subject: j2se/win32/cygwin builds - make-3.81 -> make-3.80 downgrade
Date: Tuesday 11 September 2007
From: Sven Gothel <Sven.Gothel at sun.com>
To: Kelly O'Hair <Kelly.Ohair at sun.com>

I encountered this 'cygwin' make-3.81 problem ;-)

Current 'make' does not support the dos filenames anymore, 
therefor the error message 'multiple target' appears ..

I have found this 'workaround', downgrade make-3.81 to 3.80, see below.

I am not aware of a beauty workaround here,
since 'cygpath' and other shell 'helpers' would force to change the makefiles.

As far as I remember .. 
I used different PATH environment variables for win32/cygwin compilations,
where native win32 tools were involved, e.g. MSVC++.
One for UNIX'ish tools, derived from the DOS'ish one, e.g:
	PATH_LALA1_UNIX=$(shell cygpath $(PATH_LALA1_DOS))

You may want to add this to:

Cheers, Sven



        >In short: make 3.81 intentionally removed support for DOS paths; use
        >make 3.80 or the newer version (make-3.81-2?).




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