Makefile patch needed when building the b20 OpenJDK source drop

Dalibor Topic robilad at
Mon Sep 24 10:00:15 UTC 2007

Ted Neward <ted at ...> writes:

> If they can't rest in the same repository, then perhaps a different
> repository?
> I'm just looking to be able to do a "svn up" (or its Mercurial equivalent)
> and know that I've got everything I need to build the OpenJDK; it's a lot
> more tedious to "svn up" then fetch the latest binary plugs (particularly
> since I'm betting they're not going to change as frequently as the source
> does), and only then do a build.

Hi Ted,

The naming scheme of source & binary bundles on should hopefully make it easy enough to 
write a script that fetches the appropriate bits, given a build number and its
date, if all you want to do is to build the current openjdk for your platform,
and test it.

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