Building on Win 2008

Anthony Petrov Anthony.Petrov at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 1 09:04:34 UTC 2008

Hi Kelly,

On 07/31/2008 10:58 PM Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> So no plugin code, no installation bundle code, etc.
Right. But all the currently opensourced code was buildable at that time.

>>  From this point it was clean: VS2005ExpressSP1 + Platform SDK for 
>> Win2003R2 + DirectX SDK June 2007 + cygwin. Nothing else.
> That sounds right then. (I assume you also dealt with the manifest issue?)
Yes, I manually created the *.exe.manifest files (see 6523947 for the 

> Sounds right. But be careful doing any plug and play with a jvm.dll.
One needs to build the hotspot first, and then use the 
ALT_HOTSPOT_IMPORT_PATH to point the j2se makefiles to the correct jvm.

>> Until they get opensourced, the community doesn't need to worry about 
>> their compatibility with Express, does it?
> Remains to be seen. We have no control over this compiler and
> cannot predict what happens with each Express compiler release.
Frankly, we don't have much control over the Professional compiler as 
well. So I don't see any significant difference between the free and 
commercial editions of VS from this point.

best regards,

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