package org.omg.CORBA_2_3.portable does not exist

Brad Wetmore Bradford.Wetmore at Sun.COM
Sat Aug 2 03:04:45 UTC 2008

Kelly, Tim and I have been working on it this afternoon.

Kelly, these two data points are very interesting.

Max wrote:

 > I pull from JSN (not JSN gate). I've added BUILD_CORBA=false recent
 > days. I'll try resync all repos and do a full build tonight.

and Florian wrote:

 > With your patch, I end up with this error:
 > warning: package javax.transaction does not exist
 > warning: package org.omg.SendingContext does not exist

I discovered a difference in the CORBA builds on my machine vs. Tim's. 
Tim's is missing 24 files in the build/solaris-sparc/corba/classes 
directory, including all of the classes/packages Florian just reported. 
  Full list below.

Max is also seeing it and he's only got the JSN gate.  (JSN gate is a 
"child" of the TL gate, not the MASTER.)

        TL    (Tim/Kelly are seeing it)
         JSN   (Brad is not)
           Max   (Max is seeing it)

I think it's something about the build environment that's triggering 
this bug.  I'm using all of the SWAN defaults for paths with the 
exception of ANT_HOME=/java/devtools/share/ant/latest.

I'm seeing that as soon as the build enters corba/make/org/omg/CORBA, 
our builds are diverging wildly.

Tim canceled his TL integration into the MASTER until we have a better 
handle on what's going on.


< com/sun/corba/se/impl/copyobject/JavaStreamObjectCopierImpl.class
< com/sun/corba/se/impl/dynamicany/DynValueBoxImpl.class
< com/sun/corba/se/impl/dynamicany/DynValueCommonImpl.class
< com/sun/corba/se/impl/encoding/IDLJavaSerializationInputStream.class
< com/sun/corba/se/impl/encoding/IDLJavaSerializationOutputStream.class
< com/sun/corba/se/impl/ior/iiop/JavaSerializationComponent.class
< com/sun/corba/se/impl/orbutil/GetPropertyAction.class
< com/sun/corba/se/org/
< com/sun/corba/se/org/omg/
< com/sun/corba/se/org/omg/CORBA/
< com/sun/corba/se/org/omg/CORBA/ORB.class
< com/sun/corba/se/spi/legacy/interceptor/ORBInitInfoExt.class
< com/sun/corba/se/spi/monitoring/MonitoringConstants.class
< com/sun/corba/se/spi/presentation/rmi/PresentationDefaults.class
< com/sun/corba/se/spi/transport/CorbaConnectionCache.class
< javax/transaction/InvalidTransactionException.class
< javax/transaction/TransactionRequiredException.class
< javax/transaction/TransactionRolledbackException.class
< org/omg/DynamicAny/DynValueBox.class
< org/omg/DynamicAny/DynValueBoxOperations.class
< org/omg/SendingContext/
< org/omg/SendingContext/RunTime.class
< org/omg/SendingContext/RunTimeOperations.class

Max (Weijun) Wang wrote:
> I pull from JSN (not JSN gate). I've added BUILD_CORBA=false recent 
> days. I'll try resync all repos and do a full build tonight.
> Max
> On Aug 2, 2008, at 2:39 AM, Brad Wetmore wrote:
>> Max, are you pulling from the current JSN gate or something else?  I 
>> had no problems with last night's nightlies.
>> If you're pulling from the master, I expect Tim will integrate tonight 
>> and sync TL with the latest MASTER.  I'll pull them down into JSN at 
>> midnight and should have results the next morning.
>> Brad
>> Kelly O'Hair wrote:
>>> Humm...
>>> Now I'm seeing this all of a sudden too from a control build.
>>> Did anyone figure this out?
>>> I don't think the corba repository has changed much. :^(
>>> -kto
>>> Kelly O'Hair wrote:
>>>> What do you mean "build the whole openjdk"? What directory are you 
>>>> in when
>>>> you do the 'make'?
>>>> -kto
>>>> Max (Weijun) Wang wrote:
>>>>> Strange, if I go into corba/make and call gnumake, the generated 
>>>>> classes.jar includes those files. However, they are not there if I 
>>>>> build the whole openjdk.
>>>>> Max
>>>>> On Jul 31, 2008, at 1:13 PM, Max (Weijun) Wang wrote:
>>>>>> Hi All
>>>>>> I cannot build JDK on Linux (Ubuntu 8.10) now. gnumake fails 
>>>>>> inside jdk/make/java/management, complaining
>>>>>> package org.omg.CORBA_2_3.portable does 
>>>>>> not exist
>>>>>> import org.omg.CORBA_2_3.portable.InputStream;
>>>>>>                                  ^
>>>>>> What's happening here?
>>>>>> I've noticed classes.jar and inside build/corba/dist/lib. 
>>>>>> CORBA_2_3 sources are found in but classes missing in 
>>>>>> classes.jar. Could this be the reason?
>>>>>> Thanks
>>>>>> Max

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