OpenJDK does not build on Solaris nv82

Max (Weijun) Wang Weijun.Wang at Sun.COM
Tue Feb 5 09:15:05 UTC 2008

Hi All

Just update my Solaris to nv82 and nightly build fails:

native_threads/src/sys_api_td.c", line 101: syntax error before or  
at: limit
native_threads/src/sys_api_td.c", line 101: warning: undefined or  
missing type for: limit
native_threads/src/sys_api_td.c", line 105: undefined symbol: limit
cc: acomp failed for /net/ 
gnumake[5]: *** [/net/ 
sys_api_td.o] Error 2
gnumake[5]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
gnumake[5]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
gnumake[5]: Leaving directory `/net/ 

It seems that inside the file jdk/src/solaris/hpi/native_threads/src/ 
sys_api_td.c, there's a line
      101:   int InitializeIO(rlim_t limit)
and the type rlim_t is not recognized.

I do a little search and find out that in my /usr/include/sys/stream.h:

#include <sys/isa_defs.h>
#ifdef _KERNEL
#include <sys/vnode.h>
#include <sys/poll.h>
#include <sys/strmdep.h>
#include <sys/cred.h>
#include <sys/t_lock.h>
#include <sys/model.h>

While in the old versions, the sys/vnode.h line is not surrounded in  

Anyone can pass this to a Solaris guy?


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