pushlog hook for hg

Akshay Dayal Akshay.Dayal at Sun.COM
Tue Nov 4 21:22:45 UTC 2008

Hey folks,

I'm working on a pushlog hook for mercurial for our group in Sun (comms) 
- sort of the same thing Mozilla has:


I want to open-source this and make it available to others - I'm 
wondering if the openjdk group would like to test it somewhere? I'm 
still working on it a lot - one request has been to create a UI that 
matches the git-style, but it works and feedback from people would be 
great. You can download the hook from:


The above link works for Sun-internal only - sorry. I need to host this 
up somewhere that is accessible by all - any suggestions where? My 
manager suggested blogs.sun.com - can I host something like this there? 
Btw for folks on the Sun network you can see it in action for some of 
our Hg repos:


A good repo to look at is iwc1patch. Hope some of you can view the above 
links - looking forward to feedback.


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