Building OpenJDK on Windows

Scott Marlow scott.marlow.opensource at
Sat Nov 8 03:26:31 UTC 2008

Yes, I have "set ALT_BINARY_PLUGS_PATH=c:/openjdk7_plugin"

My c:/openjdk7_plugin folder contains a subfolder called 
"openjdk-binary-plugs".  I'll try to set 
ALT_BINARY_PLUGS_PATH=c:/openjdk7_plugin/openjdk-binary-plugs and build 

The build has been running for a while now, that definitely helped me 
get further!  :-)

After building for a while longer, I got this message:

 >>>Finished making images @ Fri Nov  7 22:15:40 EST 2008 ...
make[2]: Leaving directory `/openjdk7/openjdk/jdk/make'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/openjdk7/openjdk'
Control windows i586 1.7.0-internal build_product_image build finished:
Control windows i586 1.7.0-internal all_product_build build finished:
Control windows i586 1.7.0-internal all build finished:

Thanks for the help!


Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> I assume you set this:
>    ALT_BINARY_PLUGS_PATH = c:/openjdk7_plugin
> And that you got the binary plugs from:
> These binary plugs are the pieces that we haven't or can't open source 
> yet.
> In particular this *sound*dll file is a sound library you need.
> -kto

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