Hotspot and SS12 bug 6610361 ?

David Holmes - Sun Microsystems David.Holmes at Sun.COM
Mon Nov 10 21:57:29 UTC 2008

Hi Kelly,

I'm using a local (BNE) mirror of east coast /java/devtools, but I 
checked east and west and both have the same unpatched version of CC.

I'm running on a partially patched (maybe to u3?) S10u1:

SunOS nebula-bne 5.10 Generic_125100-10 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V210

I can try on another machine.


Kelly O'Hair said the following on 11/11/08 04:50:
> Looks like this was fixed in patch 124861-04:
> 6610361 cg assertion in "arc latency not covered"
> Not sure why this bug isn't visible on, doesn't seem to be 
> a security bug.
> Exactly what /java/devtools do you have, East coast?
> I'm surprised we haven't seen this problem too.
> I wonder if it depends on the specific Solaris 10 you are using.
> What does 'uname -a' and 'CC -V' say?
> (FYI: background for non Sun people, /java/devtools is a shared area where
>       we place images of the Sun Studio compilers and other tools).
> -kto
> David Holmes - Sun Microsystems wrote:
>> I'd asked about this "locally" but now casting a wider net ...
>> In trying to build JRTS (based on JDK5) with SS12, on sparc we get 
>> bitten by bug 6610361:
>> Compiling 
>> /mnt/disk2/eng/dh198349/ws-bug6755041/ws/src/share/vm/interpreter/bytecodeTracer.cpp 
>> cg: assertion failed in file ../src/ms_pipe/ at line 3430
>> cg: Internal error: arc latency not covered
>> cg: 1 errors
>> To workaround this I had to drop the optimization level to O2 for over 
>> 50 files in product and 60+ in fastdebug!
>> But I don't see any such workarounds in the JDK7 build files. I can't 
>> believe that we were that unlucky and we hit this bug 50+ times where 
>> Hotspot hits it zero.
>> This is the SS12 from /java/devtools  5.0 2007/05/03
>> Has anyone else encountered this building Hotspot?
>> Thanks,
>> David Holmes

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